Project Management Software, Built on Strategy

At Amplify-Now, we believe there’s a better way for corporations to implement change. We’ve seen the story too many times: a company pays a consulting firm a hefty fee for a 7-year strategic plan. But the world changes fast, and within a few years, that plan doesn’t even make sense given the current context of the company. After a while, they need a completely new strategic plan – and the cycle continues.

That’s why we’ve created an enterprise project management platform that’s designed to enable and empower your business’s strategic objectives. Instead of relying on outside firms, our platform gives your organization the power to define top-level strategy, then create and execute on projects that align with that strategy at every level of the organization. With Amplify-Now, your company can capitalize on the power of truly strategic initiatives, without getting caught in the consulting firm cycle. Want to learn more about how Amplify can help? Just take a look at the resources below.

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Want to dive deep into why Amplify works? Dig into our white papers and e-book guides to get a better understanding of how Amplify can revolutionize your business.

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Don’t be duped into paying huge sums of money for high-level “strategy” consulting that doesn’t come with a strategy for dealing with change. Amplify-Now’s platform empowers you to bring strategic initiatives into your core competencies – and make sure all your project investments align with corporate objectives. Learn more about how we can help you build a better business: Contact Us to Schedule A Demo Today