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Business Transformation at Energy Utility

In the midst of an economic downturn, and faced with evolving customer needs and a changing regulatory landscape,  things needed to change. Operating costs were too high but there was a much bigger opportunity to take a whole of business review and to fundamentally rethink the business to position for the future.

A true transformation is a whole-of-business effort but the client wasn’t set up to work that way. It was heavily siloed, unaccustomed to change, lacking leadership alignment and reluctant. From the boardroom to the field, our consulting partner worked across the business and with its people to deliver a transformation program that would catch the interest of the global power industry.


$350m reduction in annual cost base

An effective organisation restructure and change program

Enterprise-wide engagement and culture improvement

Increased capability KPIs

Operational Excellence in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

In 2015, shareholders approved a transformation strategy, based on refreshed and strengthened category growth plans, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the route-to-market model to 270 million potential consumers. The business changes that were driven by the transformation program are now “business as usual” functions.

Amplify is helping to ensure the company prioritises projects that add the value in line with the it’s strategic goals. Amplify is also enabling more efficient portfolio level reporting where Stage Gate approvals are implemented to ensure the right people are signing off on projects at the right time.


Ability to forecast and monitor incremental OpEx savings across business functions

Improved governance of project approval process

Harmonisation of change management processes across the business

Post-Merger Integration in Financial Services

This client completed an acquisition of capability to deliver a global front-to-back platform for asset managers and asset owners that will be unique in the investment servicing industry. This interoperable platform, supported by deep enterprise data management capabilities, will enable investment workflows, provide advanced data aggregation, analytics and compliance tools, and connect and exchange data with other industry platforms and providers. The acquisition will also enable the client to address a large adjacent $8 billion revenue pool for front office services

Amplify provides a single source of truth for the cost synergies and revenue synergies, enabling the client to accurately forecast their progress towards goals in real-time.


Single integrated platform for program execution and Synergy Tracking

Accurate forecasting of both Cost and Revenue Synergies

Early warning indicators where synergy targets are at risk

Amplify can help your organisation deliver change continuously, and confidently

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