executive summary
Post-Merger Integration at Financial Services Company

This client completed an acquisition of capability to deliver a global front-to-back platform for asset managers and asset owners that will be unique in the investment servicing industry. This interoperable platform, supported by deep enterprise data management capabilities, will enable investment workflows, provide advanced data aggregation, offer analytics and compliance tools, and connect and exchange data with other industry platforms and providers. The acquisition will also enable the client to address a large adjacent $8 billion revenue pool for front office services.

Amplify provided this client with a single source of truth for the cost synergies and revenue synergies, enabling the client to accurately forecast their progress towards goals in real-time and manage performance for optimal efficiency.

  • Single integrated platform for program execution and Synergy Tracking
  • Accurate forecasting of both Cost and Revenue Synergies
  • Early warning indicators where synergy targets are at risk