executive summary
Operational Excellence In Education Provider

This client is the largest provider of vocational education in South Australia. In response to a potential decline in government funding, the organisation needed to create a strategy to increase external revenue and reduce costs without impacting its services.

To facilitate this, the client used Amplify’s strategy execution management software to consolidate a portfolio of 6 to 8 strategies into one single framework. All relevant business units and support functions were then able to access and monitor the execution of this strategic framework.

By using Amplify to connect all stakeholders, consensus was built early, and the platform provided a clear overview of the initiatives and who was responsible for them. The organisation was also able to create lead indicators that provided real-time data of how each of how teams were tracking with each initiative.

  • Transparency across departments for the overarching strategy
  • Clearer understanding of responsibilities and deadlines for strategic initiatives
  • Creation of lead indicators to monitor progress against benchmarks in real-time