After the completion of a merger, it is vital to foster collaboration and quickly create new synergies. Amplify is designed to help businesses integrate merged entities by helping team members complete the initiatives necessary to ensure a smooth transition.

Risks associated with the merger integration can be recorded and mitigation strategies developed. Amplify also provides forecasts for realised revenue and cost synergies post-merger, in addition to giving your team a real-time view of the deal value that has been realised.

How Amplify Supports Post-Merger Integration

  • Identify Delivery Threats that could impact the integration and the value of the corresponding exposure
  • Create a stage-gate process for the integration with associated steps required to complete each stage
  • Monitor the progress of all integration impacts in terms of planned and actual value realised during the execution

Want an example of how we helped deliver a positive ROI? Check out this case study on how Amplify was used for a post-merger integration at a financial services company.

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