Once you’ve defined your strategy, you’ll need to break it down into incremental goals, procedural actions, and finally, desired results.

Amplify™ empowers initiative owners and decision-makers in your organization to capture ideas and prioritize mission-critical strategic initiatives, then cascade those goals to all levels of the organization through efficient multi-directional communication enabling cross-functional teams to work together in perfect harmony.

With clear targets and a structural framework for effective communication and teamwork, it’s possible to build a program of initiatives needed to deliver on KPIs and achieve business results.

By ensuring resources are focused where they’re needed most and that initiative staff are clear about direction and purpose, you’ll achieve a new level of productivity, efficiency, and efficacy.


Amplify™ simplifies prioritizing your portfolio with its ability to select, prioritize and sequence initiatives based on return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV) and overall contribution to the investment portfolio. Associated threats such as risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies (RAID) are also managed at the same time.

Upcoming and in-flight investments can also be re-prioritized to ensure they continue to represent good value for money.

Amplify™ dashboards are used to analyze portfolios, communicate trade-offs and finalize investment decisions, providing you with a great deal of insight which can be put to good use. When negative variance from plan occurs, simply drill down to inspect child-initiatives, discover the underlying cause and take appropriate corrective action.





Plan Successfully for an Uncertain Future

Once you have formulated your business strategy, Amplify™ helps you to plan the ‘how, when, where and who’ of initiative delivery, enabling you to be clear about where your organization is going and why.

With Amplify™ you’ll be able to assess multiple strategic options through the creation and comparison of scenarios and adopt a winning portfolio of initiatives, enabling you to optimize return on investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV).

Using built-in multi-criteria analysis and repeating the process regularly as part of a business planning cycle, or more frequently if necessary, Amplify™ helps you to select the most economically and socially viable collection of initiatives possible.



Plan carefully to achieve your business goals.

integrated governance arrangements, including stage-gate approvals and automated workflows, support consistent business case development and validation, and provide an accurate record of decisions and change activities for audit purposes.

Amplify™ helps to identify threats and opportunities and their likely impact on performance and take corrective action to realize planned business value.



Our platform can be used to assess progress and the projected end state of strategic initiatives in order to determine whether they remain viable and valuable with shifting market forces.

With Amplify™ you can regularly review benefits realization forecast against the base-lined plan and test validity of cost/benefit ratio as per the program business case. Changes and updates are easily made in Amplify™ and automatically recorded to provide a ‘single source of truth.’

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Can you afford to waste millions on strategies and long-term plans that look great on paper but quickly become irrelevant and redundant?

Instead, would you like to establish a framework for more fluid and continuous communication between your Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPMO) and the CXO?

Amplify™ Strategy Execution Management (SEM) software puts you in the driving seat for the next stage in your digital journey. Must-have features include: ease of use for CXO and senior managers; ability to capture free-form data around an investment; dynamic portfolio management and scenario planning; and bi-directional strategic communications.