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The Amplify Four-Step Process











Initiative Scheduling

Initiative Scheduling Wireframe

Import your schedule with the drag and drop of a file, with support for Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera. Once a schedule has been created, relationships can be established from schedule milestones to outcomes. This relationship allows Amplify to automatically forecast the impact schedule delays have on your benefits realisation plan.

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Profiling Outcomes & Benefits

Profiling Outcomes and Benefits

The Profile provides a home base for Measurable outcomes (Benefits) in Amplify. It allows for the collection and housing of various types of data.

  • Contributing Initiatives and Dependencies as defined on the Amplify Map
  • Ownership & Delivery Team
  • Approval Workflow
  • Configurable data capture


Quantification of Benefits

A benefit or outcome can often be driven by change in multiple areas of a business. Amplify allows a user to create a Benefit Formula that describes how change in the leading indicators or measures will deliver a Benefit to the organisation.

Consider the following example

Benefit/Outcome: Savings resulting from a reduced hospital stay (Reported Annually, as a Financial Benefit) Measures/Leading Indicators/KPIs:

  • Length of Hospital Stay (Average, Expressed as Hours, Expecting Reduction)
  • Number of Admitted Inpatients (Annually, Total)
  • Cost of a Hospital Bed (Per Hour)

The owner of this Benefit can forecast change in the length of hospital stay as a result of the business change. The total number of admitted patients can also be predicted and measured through time, as can changes to the cost of a hospital bed per day.

The Benefit Formula to calculate this financial benefit is as follows:

( Length of Hospital Stay MULTIPLIED BY  Cost of a Hospital Bed ) MULTIPLIED BY Number of Admitted Patients

The Amplify computation engine will produce a quantified, measurable benefit with multiple leading indicators that can be used to monitor the realisation of this benefit. Deviations in any of the measures will alert the benefit owner allowing the business to take corrective action.


Options Analysis

Amplify Options Analyser

Amplify allows for the development of an unlimited combination delivery scenarios. Initiative components are grouped together into a series of scenarios that can be compared against various metrics including delivery duration, risk profiles and return on investment of alternative scenarios.

Option Examples:

  • Strategic Case
  • Economic Case
  • Financial Case
  • Commercial Case
  • Management Case

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Amplify can help your organisation deliver change continuously, and confidently

Governance & Transparency

Accountability Ownership, Governance, Transparency.

Impact Tracking

Measure your results and respond early to the changing landscape of your transformational change program.

Visual Communication

Maps and aesthetically pleasing dashboards will help your organisation communicate and grow.

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