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Success in the 21st century takes an unparalleled level of organization and an equal amount of flexibility. Those two competencies are normally at odds – but at Amplify, we believe they don’t have to be. Our corporate project management software allows you to maximize efficiency at every level of your organization without implementing rigid frameworks, giving you the power to effectively manage performance even in the midst of strategic change.

Successful Business Performance Management = Realized Benefits

Successful Business Performance Management = Realized Benefits

The goal of any strategic objective is to realize the forecasted benefits. The difficulty is that usually, getting to those benefits requires more than you’d initially planned for – and that’s why Amplify is so powerful.

Amplify empowers organizations to run robust reports, see metrics in real time, and track progress against your goals. This data is then easy to spread through your organization, allowing you to identify and correct problems early on highlight underperforming areas for improvement. Amplify uses an evidence-based approach that leverages a rich set of reports and metrics, providing a reliable method to make course corrections and re-adjust goals. Change is to be expected throughout the strategic journey, and Amplify is built for it.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

Part of the difficulty of managing change is knowing when and how to change. That’s why Amplify packs such powerful reporting capabilities, allowing you to identify and monitor the right KPIs to determine if you’re on track to reach your goals. By comparing real-time performance on strategic KPIs to your intended targets, you know if you’re on-track at every stage of the process.

  • KPI Performance vs. Targets = On-Track Execution
  • Challenges Arise → Early intervention and mitigation
  • Progress Towards Goal → Auto-Generated Performance Reports
Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Identifying when you’re off course is important, but to reach your targets, you need to know why you’re off course, as well. Amplify offers a suite of reporting and analytics tools that lets initiative owners analyze the reasons behind problems reaching metrics. This deep analysis makes it easier to find the root causes of problems, allowing you to make the shifts needed to realign performance with your goals and avoid missed targets.

Benefits Realization<br>(Our Specialty)

Benefits Realization
(Our Specialty)

The goal of strategic initiatives is to realize the forecasted benefits. Amplify lets you collect, consolidate and realize benefits from strategic initiatives by tracking and monitoring the path to success and holding appropriate staff accountable for results. Once strategic intent has been identified, it’s time to track progress towards it and realize the benefits.

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