Focus on outcomes, not output.

Focus on outcomes, not output.

Business cases are not built on task milestone delivery alone, so why is that all you are tracking?

Amplify takes a goals-driven approach to program delivery, keeping your team focused on the outcomes that matter.

Identify and respond before impact.

Much is made about organizational agility – the ability to react and respond to change. Without visibility, though, how can you respond before it’s too late?

Amplify provides your team with the insights you need to identify and respond to challenges before they impact your bottom line.

Identify and respond before impact.
A solution built for all users.

A solution built for all users.

All too often solutions are built for the “power users” who live in a software while neglecting those who engage in a more limited scope.

Amplify realizes that a successful transformation requires the engagement of all users and has built a solution with ease of use as a guiding principle – helping your team stay engaged and deliver success.

We are built for your success

Our customers love Amplify’s flexibility and ease-of-use. It was built for all stakeholders throughout the organization – allowing even occasional users to quickly update benefits, tasks, risks and issues.

“We have had an incredibly positive response internally to Amplify. It’s a really cool tool and we just love working with it.”

Program Lead Canadian Energy Infrastructure Company

“Amplify’s ability to provide a single source of truth during our business transformation program was one of the key reasons why we chose the platform.”

Transformation Office Lead American Clinical Research Company

Customers count on Amplify to deliver

Amplify works with leading organizations around the globe to deliver on the promise of their business transformations.

So, what are you waiting for?

Our team is ready to help you get started with your journey today. Let us show you how Amplify can help you deliver on the promise of your system implementation.