Amplify™ Strategy Execution Management (SEM) software enables organizations to execute strategies that create business value for their customers and investors.

When it comes to benefits management, companies can sometimes face a mis-match between their investment costs and the realization of benefits and attainment of goals expected by their stakeholders. They can also experience a disconnect between their strategic objectives and the delivery teams who are responsible for project outputs.

Amplify™ SEM software exists to help solve these problems.

Our software has been designed to support the emergence of Benefits-led Portfolio Management as an alternative to traditional initiative and change management methods. It provides a structured approach for managing a multitude of initiatives to ensure that they deliver change, benefits and business value which match their level of investment.

Amplify™ combines four key delivery principles:

  • Identify – Work with key stakeholders to determine their improvement goals.
  • Plan – Initiatives required to realize the benefits and achieve goals.
  • Monitor – Measure and track benefit realization, using baseline versus forecast analysis.
  • Evaluate – Review progress towards business goals, and take corrective action as required.

A powerful and intuitive piece of software, Amplify™ is fit for use across the entire enterprise with minimal requirement for ongoing training and support.


Amplify™ market-leading software is already helping to drive strategic change for some of the world’s largest corporations, including Coca-Cola, Pfizer, State Street, Santos and PWC.

Our customers are successfully using Amplify™ in a wide range of areas, including business transformation at an energy utility, operational excellence in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), and post-merger integration in financial. (Learn more about their success here)

Amplify™ engages higher-level executives, as well as those involved in the day-to-day execution strategy, supporting fluid and continuous communication between all levels as business strategy changes and evolves.

Based on information captured within the system, our platform supports a solid investment planning process and provides a near real-time decision-making process. Thus, eliminating the need for unnecessary data entry.

Amplify™ is helping our customers to:

  • build validated business cases
  • focus attention on their most important benefits and business outcomes
  • improve communications with stakeholders by providing measures for planned changes
  • identify, manage and mitigate the risks associated with benefits realization
  • provide a system of record for post-implementation review and learning from experience
benefits realization management

benefits realization management

portfolio program and project management

portfolio program and project management

scheduling and cost management

scheduling and cost management

governance, risk and compliance

governance, risk and compliance


If you are you serious about bridging the gap between what is planned at a strategic-level and what happens day to day at operational-level then our team at Amplify-Now would love to help.

Amplify™ software will enable you to be more responsive to external pressures, equip you to embrace shorter planning horizons – measured in months not years – and prioritize and re-prioritize a dynamic portfolio of strategic initiatives.

We’re passionate about, and have a proven track record in, helping companies to protect existing business value (OpEx), whilst successfully accelerating strategic change (CapEx), to realize planned benefits and create new value.

Contact us today to speak to a customer success advisor and learn more about Amplify™ could work for you.